6 Furniture Pieces that Will Give You Extra Storage Space

modern interiorFurniture pieces such as beds, desks, entertainment centers, dining room tables, and coffee tables that feature extra storage are great for clearing a home of clutter, but sometimes a home simply needs a few extra furniture pieces that are dedicated primarily to storage. Here are 6 furniture pieces that you might consider bringing into your home should you decide that your home needs more storage space.


Yes, a bookcase is made primarily to store books, but that doesn’t mean it can’t store other things as well. In fact, many fill their bookcases in such a way that they will also hold decorative accents and boxes for storing small items. Some bookcases even feature drawers or cabinets at the very bottom for less conspicuous storage.

Dresser or Armoire

A dresser or chest of drawers makes an excellent addition to any bedroom that can afford the space because it can clear space out of the closet, giving it much more breathing room. Many choose to store pants, shorts, socks, and delicates in their dressers, but they often don’t consider storing heavy knits there; heavy knits, however, are another great candidate for dresser storage because they can become stretched out when stored in a closet on hangers. Armoires are another furniture piece dedicated to storing clothing, only they feature an open space for hanging items. Armoires are particularly great for bedrooms that do not have enough existing closet space.

Filing Cabinet

Want to maintain a highly organized office, but have nowhere for the majority of your papers to go? A file cabinet is what you need. Today’s filing cabinets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, featuring all kinds of drawers and open shelf space so that you can find something suited exactly to your office needs.


What is a sideboard, you ask? Also commonly referred to as a “buffet,” a sideboard is a long, relatively low furniture piece that is typically found in the dining room. It will usually feature a combination of drawers and cabinets, as well as a flat surface on top for serving food, displaying higher end dinnerware, or showcasing accent lighting. Sideboards are ultra-convenient for storing less frequently used dinnerware, but it can also be brought into a living room or open entryway for storing other household items in a tasteful manner.

Storage Bench

A storage bench is really just a long, low storage box that features a cushion on top for sitting comfortably. Some open from the top, others feature open cabinet space, and others yet feature closed drawers or cabinets. Some storage benches will even feature an attached back panel or rod for hanging items above. Storage ottomans are a smaller-scale version of the classic storage bench.

Wine Cabinet or Bar Cart

Similar to a sideboard, a wine cabinet is truly destined for the dining room. Its purpose is highly defined, as it is specifically made to hold several wine bottles—particular red wine, which stores best at room temperature. A wine cabinet will also often feature extra storage features for wine glasses, and perhaps even a drawer for holding things like a corkscrew, extra corks, wine glass markers, etc. Bar cabinets and bar carts are similar furniture pieces that serve a similar function.