Feb 16

9 Reasons to Get New Furniture Now


happy couple dream homeGetting new furniture is like getting new shoes—only better because it happens much less frequently. We buy new furniture for many reasons, sometimes out of necessity and sometimes just because. Either way, sometimes you need furniture immediately. Here are ten excuses—we mean reasons—to buy new furniture today.

1. Trends Are Changing

Every year home decor trends change, and if you don’t act fast, you’ll be behind instead of ahead of the game on this one. 2015 home decor trends include such things as gold fixtures, wallpaper accent walls, and mid-century modern accent pieces. If you want your home to reflect only the best styles, you should buy new furniture as soon as possible.

2. You’re Tired of the Look

If you’ve had the same look in your home for the past few years, it’s definitely time for a change, and soon. You can create an entirely new look for any room just by purchasing new furniture, and it’s a great reason to do so.

3. Your Children Are Old Enough

When your kids surpass the age of putting sneakers on the sofa, using throw pillows as TV tables, and chair arms as napkins, get to the furniture store as soon as possible. For the first time in years, you’ll be able to enjoy fine furniture without worrying about it being destroyed.

4. Tax Returns

If you were quick about doing your taxes this year, you’ll have your tax returns back already, and what better thing to spend that money on than new furniture? Put the money to good use before it runs out on trivial things.

5. Your Furniture is Worn Out

Furniture doesn’t last forever, no matter how well it matches the rest of your decor. When it starts to fade, pill, or the stains won’t come out anymore, upgrade to something new.

6. A Baby is Almost Here

Whenever a new family member enters the scene, it’s always a call for a change in decoration. You’ll need new furniture to fit your new needs, including baby furniture and a rocking chair or other comfortable furniture for you to sit on while you’re up with the baby at night.

7. New Beginnings

Whether divorce or marriage, a change in marital status will be a call for new furniture. Whether you need to get rid of the bad memories and start anew, or you need new furniture to accommodate your new living situation, now is the time to go shopping.

8. A Move

A change in location will call for an immediate change in furniture to match your space and create a new style. Before you head to your new place, pick out the furniture you’ll want. The furniture store can deliver it to your new place before you even arrive.

9. Because You Want To

What better reason is there to get new furniture right now than because you want to? Treat yourself to a stylish new furniture look to welcome in the new year.

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