A Look at Furniture Types for Your Dining Room

dining room modernSome have room for only a dining room table and chairs for their dining room, but if your dining room has the space, you might be considering investing in other furniture pieces for storage or for convenient entertaining. Here is a look at some of the most common types of furniture you’ll find in a dining room.

Table and chairs

This list, of course, would not be complete without mention of the central part of a dining room—the table and chairs. A dining room table should be large enough to serve the number of people you’ll want to be able to accommodate, but it should also be small enough to leave at least three feet between the edge of the table and the wall (or other pieces of furniture between the table and the wall.) Your chairs may very well come as a set with your table, but if not, you should plan to leave at least four to six inches between chairs positioned around the table.

Wine cabinet

Many pieces of furniture are designed specifically for storing red wines and glasses. A wine cabinet makes for the perfect addition to your dining room if you enjoy entertaining, and it provides a convenient surface for placing decor or for pouring drinks for your guests.


Buffets are long, relatively low storage pieces where you can serve several dishes of food—usually found in a dining room. Another word for a buffet is a “sideboard,” though many furniture manufacturers designate buffets as pieces with taller feet and sideboards as pieces with shorter or no feet. (Others yet reserve the term “buffet” for pieces found in the dining room and the term “sideboard” for pieces found in a living room.) A buffet offers convenient storage for serving dishes, utensils, and more, and some even have an open shelf incorporated in the middle for displaying decorative pieces. Many also incorporate these pieces in their living rooms due to their practicality and visual appeal.


Many use the words “server” and “buffet” interchangeably, but servers tend to be smaller than buffets.

China cabinet

China cabinets are tall storage pieces that feature glass so that decorative china can be displayed. A china cabinet will usually feature primarily shelves and then a drawer or two for additional storage. China cabinets are found more often in traditional style homes than modern homes.