Aug 19

Elements of Clean and Classic Interior Style


clean and classic living roomYou often hear the words “clean” and “classic” paired together, especially in the world of interior design. But what does “clean and classic” mean for interior design, exactly? In case you’re looking to create a clean and classic look in your home, here is a brief guide to design elements that come together to create the clean and classic interior style.

Lack of clutter

The first step to achieving a clean and classic look in your interior space is to eliminate clutter. This subject could fill an entire blog post on its own, but you can boil down eliminating clutter to a few key techniques. First, of course, you must get rid of anything and everything that you do not find to be useful or beautiful. This means eliminating duplicate items, things that are not getting ample use, and anything that is broken in some way. Second, you must master the art of storing things in such a way that everything has a home, and nothing needs to remain out in the open. Furniture with built-in storage and furniture pieces like bookcases that are dedicated solely to storing things will help you find a home for everything in a room.

Architectural lines

Clean and classic rooms feature smooth architectural lines. This means that they are free of anything highly ornamental. Look for furniture pieces with clean, geometric lines—nothing so modern and geometric that it loses its “classic” status, but definitely something contemporary that you could consider a furniture “staple.”

Furniture “staples”

On a related note, look for furniture pieces that you perceive as furniture “staples.” Think a black leather sofa, a robust wooden coffee table, a neutral colored upholstered headboard, etc.

Neutral colors

There is always room for a pop of color in a clean and classic space, but these accents should always be rooted in a neutral color palette. You might go for a black and white color scheme, for example, or you might opt for dark blues, greys, tans, or off-whites. Metallics like silver, copper, and gold also work extremely well in clean and classic spaces.

Simple patterns

If you’re going to feature any patterns in your clean and classic space, you’ll want to make sure they are clean and understated. Think stripes, monochromatic plaids, solid textures, etc.


Clean and classic spaces are also highly functional. This means they feature ample storage, places to set things down, open space for movement, etc. Just like a clean and classic space, a functional space was designed and made to endure.