Dec 1

Adding European Flair to Your Home


modern living roomSo you want to give your home a more modern feel—something contemporary, sophisticated, and foreign, yet still familiar. Chances are you want to give your home a bit of European flair. But what is “European flair,” exactly? While there isn’t a single “European style” that has its own list of defining characteristics, there are certain interior design steps you can take to give your home a more European feel. Here are some ways that you can add European flair to your home.

Shop European furniture.

One of the easiest ways to bring a European feel into your home is to choose European furniture that is made with the design trends of its country of origin in mind. You might, for example, focus your furniture shopping around furniture that is made or designed in Scandinavia—in which case it will feature clean lines, natural materials, and high functionality. Or, you might look for Italian furniture, which will exhibit a classic, yet elegant aura. Explore the European furniture styles at a contemporary furniture store near you to get a feel for which region’s styles you love best.

Focus on elegance.

If you desire to live in a modern home but want it to have a more European feel to it, chances are that you prefer the more elegant side of modern interior design. Many European styles—particularly those of western Europe—are distinguished by the air of elegance they can lend to a home. Look for furniture pieces that communicate elegance, such as a beautiful leather or tufted sofa, or a robust office desk with a rich cherry wood finish. Room accessories such as table lamps and vases can add elegance as well.

Don’t be afraid to go bold.

Remember that many interior design trends first become popular in Europe before they eventually trickle over to the U.S. So if you locate the perfect European furniture or decor piece for your home but fear that it might be “too bold” for your home, remember that being bold is part of the point when adding European flair to your home. You want something that feels different from the typical American feel, and an interior design that will almost transport you somewhere new. So, don’t be afraid to go for pieces that would look out of place in a classic American style home.