Aug 15

An Overview of Modern Sofa Types


modern leather sofaThis is an incredibly wide variety of sofas out there to choose from, with some styles having a more traditional look, others veering towards modern, and still others being adaptable to both traditional and more contemporary style. Here are some of the most common sofa types you’ll find in modern and contemporary living room furniture.

Midcentury modern

Midcentury modern is more of a blanket term to describe furniture that emphasizes utility and features clean lines. In terms of a sofa, this typically means straight lines, a shorter profile, and arms placed perpendicularly to the seating surface.

Lawson style

Lawson style sofas are unique in that their back cushions are not attached to the sofa frame. This makes them softer and more fit for sleeping.

Tuxedo style

The tuxedo style sofa features a design with arms at the same height as the back of the sofa. These sofas tend to have a lower profile and do not have additional cushions along the back.


Loveseat sofas offer seating for just two people and are often part of a living room set along with a larger sofa and a lounge chair. Loveseats can have a variety of back styles, from camelback to cabriole.


A sectional sofa is a multi-piece sofa formed from multiple sections that typically features at least one right angle in its seating (though some sectionals will feature obtuse angles.) These sofas can vary significantly in size. Some are sized in order to perfectly suit a particular space within a room, and others are designed to create division and interest within a very large space. This type of sofa is growing tremendously in popularity and offers a significant amount of seating while orienting guests in a way that makes for easy conversation.


A divan is a type of sofa that has no back. This makes them best for placement against a bare wall so that pillows can be arranged to provide ample cushioning for the back.

Sofa bed

Also known as sleeper sofas, sofa beds are designed to convert into a flat sleeping area whenever needed. Futon-style sofa beds usually feature a back that can tilt backwards to become level with the rest of the sofa, while pull-out style sofa beds feature a foldable mattress that is tucked underneath the sofa’s seating cushions when not in use. Many who plan on hosting several guests in their living rooms opt for this type of sofa.