Mar 9

Caring for Your Leather Furniture


leather sofaLeather furniture is known for its durable, natural wear and timeless look, as well as for its easy upkeep. But even if your leather furniture means that you can wipe up spills rather than scrub them, it’s important to know what you should and shouldn’t be putting on your leather in order to keep it in the best of condition. Here is a quick guide to caring for your leather furniture.

Preventative Care

First, no pets—on the furniture, that is. Cats and dogs make wonderful at-home companions, but it’s best not to allow them to climb on your furniture, as sharp claws have the potential of scratching or even puncturing leather. Second, it’s a great idea to control what substances are allowed near your furniture, such as food and drinks. If you’re going to bring food and drinks into the living room—it is, understandably, a living room, after all—be sure that you have plenty of convenient surfaces open for setting down bowls and glasses. Third, keep in mind that leather, like any type of upholstery, can fade after prolonged exposure to sunlight, so it’s best to monitor how much sunlight is hitting your furniture on a daily basis. Conditioning your leather, which will be discussed in further detail below, is another great preventative measure to take because a good leather conditioner will leave your leather with a protective finish.

For Spills

The key here is to wipe up spills immediately using only a damp cloth. Avoid household cleaners and chemicals of any kind, including soaps and detergents.

For Deep Cleaning

Outside of regular dry-cloth dusting and vacuuming, you will want to give your furniture a deep cleaning every so often to remove dirt, oils, and grime. Just be sure when doing this to opt for a cleaning specifically designed for leather. A good leather cleaner will clean deep in the leather’s pores and will even open the pores to help prepare the leather for conditioning. Microfiber towels work great with this type of cleaner.

For Conditioning

It’s important to give your leather furniture a good conditioning every six months, or year at the very least. A good leather conditioner nourishes and restores leather furniture to freshen up its appearance, while at the same time leaving behind a protective finish that will help guard against scratches and future spills.

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