Nov 22

Characteristics of a Minimalist Home


minimalist living roomAre you looking to adopt a more minimalist lifestyle in your home? Here are some key markers of a minimalist home.

Open space

Minimalist homes contain fewer objects and are free of any clutter. And because they are free of clutter, these homes have more breathing room and a more open feel. If ever there were a motto for a minimalist home, it would be probably be this quote by William Morris: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

Clean surfaces

A minimalist home features clean surfaces that are free from any major decor. A living room will have a coffee table, for example, which may or may not have a single accent piece on it. A mantle might feature some decor, but not the type of extravagant display that you might find in a more eclectic home. Walls are either left bare or are adorned with one or two pieces of wall art—no gallery walls here. The clean surfaces in a minimalist home contribute to the open feel of the home, and they offer functionality since you always have a place to set something down in the home.

Neutral colors

Minimalist homes also tend to feature neutral colors like white and grey on the walls, floors, and ceilings. Using neutral colors in these places turns the home into a blank canvas that is versatile enough to serve any function.

Essential furniture

Furniture pieces are always very carefully selected for a minimal home. Any furniture piece that enters the home must be essential, and it must be practical enough to serve everyday living. A living room, for example, might feature a sectional sofa, a lounge chair, a coffee table, and a TV that is mounted directly on the wall—without an entertainment center. You won’t find a great many pieces of furniture made specifically to store things because minimalist homes simply have fewer items in them that need to be stored. Overall, minimalist homes contain fewer pieces of furniture, and this can make the rooms in them look bigger than they really are.

Natural light

Minimalist homes also tend to make extensive use of natural lighting, featuring large windows and open concept floor plans when possible. Natural light fills the space, making it look brighter and more pleasing to the eye.