Apr 1

Choosing a Dining Table for a Small Kitchen


small kitchenIf you live in a small space, then you are probably familiar with the struggle that is finding a place for your main dining table. Many apartments, for example, both large and small, feature galley-style kitchens that leave no room for a table, leaving you to get creative in placing your dining table in the living room area. Other kitchens leave some room for a table, but only for a very small one. Here are some tips for choosing a dining table when you have a very small kitchen.

Don’t be afraid to set it against the wall.

If space truly dictates it, don’t be afraid to position your dining table against the wall in your kitchen. This can function well in an apartment with only one or two people, and you always have the option of pulling the table out when guests are over for dinner.

Choose something that can fold.

For one or two people who don’t spend a great deal of time at the dinner table, a foldable dining table can be the perfect solution in a small kitchen. Our Skovby table, for example, can easily be set against a wall in your kitchen and fold out to comfortably seat two people. (And if you’re in a fix, you can actually fold it out even more to seat up to six people.) A foldable table is great for providing seating when you truly need it, even in a small kitchen that doesn’t really allow for dining space.

Let it double as your island.

If your kitchen allows room for a kitchen island, consider letting your kitchen island double as your kitchen table. A well designed table will be able to pull off both functions well. Looking at the Skovby table again, for example, its leaves can be tucked away to make it a small yet convenient food prep surface, and then when it’s time to eat you can pull out a leaf or two for eating.

Look for hidden storage.

If you have a small kitchen, chances are you’re hurting for storage space as well. Look for a dining table that offers the convenience of hidden storage, so that you can free up some valuable space in those kitchen cabinets. You can use this hidden storage space to store less frequently used items like serving bowls, fancy dinnerware, tablecloths, and linen napkins.