Jun 1

Choosing a Modern Color Scheme for Your Living Room


modern living roomLooking to decorate your modern living room but don’t know where to start for the color scheme? Here are some tips to creating a modern color scheme for your living room.

Choose your style.

Do you prefer bold or subtle decor? Would you rather have a look that is understated, or one that really stands out? Or do you fall somewhere in between? For an understated look, aim to establish a color palette around classic neutrals like white, brown, gray, with perhaps some grey-toned blues mixed in. For a bolder look, consider using a focal color such as red or yellow, and then grounding them in neutrals like black and white. For something in between, consider starting with a neutral palette and then adding small touches of color with your room accessories. Alternatively, you might choose a more interesting color—blue, for example—and then create a monochromatic palette around that color to keep things somewhat subtle.

Choose your furniture.

Your furniture is going to do a lot of the talking when it comes to your living room’s color scheme. If you want a more understated look or would rather go bold with your room accessories, opt for neutral colored furniture to ground your space, like this black sectional, this grey bi-sectional, or this tan leather sofa. If you know you want something bold from the get-go, consider brightly colored furniture, like this red sectional or this lilac sofa and chaise lounge.

Ground it with a coordinating rug.

Once you’ve selected furniture for your living room, you can use a rug to really ground your living room’s color scheme. If you want something completely neutral, for example, go with a rug that is similar in color to your furniture, or that is a neutral color like grey or tan. If you want to liven up a living room with neutral colored furniture, you might consider a brightly colored rug or a rug that features a geometric pattern. If you already have bold furniture, now is the time to keep your furniture the focal point by investing in a subtler rug.

Finish it off with room accessories.

Your room accessories, such as accent pillows, lamps, and vases, are what will really round out your color scheme. Let your furniture and rug choices guide you here. You might choose pillows, lamps, and room accents that complement already existing colors in your living room, or you might choose contrasting colors that give the subtle pop of color you want.