Apr 9

Choosing the Best Coffee Table for your Living Room


coffee tableEveryone has their own vision of what they want in a coffee table. Some know that they will be using it for extra storage, while some want something simple to balance out busier design elements. And then there are those who opt for making their coffee tables more of an artistic accent piece to the room. If you’re shopping for a new coffee table for your living room space, you’ll want to read on for tips on selecting the best table for you.


For many, the dream of owning a coffee table is having the ability to kick off your shoes after a long day and have a place for your feet to rest while reclining on a comfortable sofa. For these people, a wooden coffee table is best because it is sturdy and will readily hold up to this kind of wear. Wood is also a great option if you still have young children in the home and are wary of introducing glass furniture.

Glass, on the other hand, can be a stunning option and is perfect for adding a modern look to any room.


Are you looking for a coffee table that will complement other busier elements in a living room, or do you want more of an accent piece? If you are looking to add a touch of coherence to your space, consider a coffee table that has matching end tables. Our Dresden coffee table is a great, classic option that also has a matching end table and console table.

If you want more of an artistic piece to accent your space, you’ll want to select something with an especially unique design. Our Utah coffee table is one great choice for art that acts as furniture.


A coffee table needs to be well suited to the size of the room it will be occupying. How do you know what size is best for your room and the existing furniture in it? Height-wise, a coffee table should be about as tall as th cushions on your sofa, or slightly lower. A good estimate for length is to opt for something about two-thirds the width of your sofa.

From simple and modern to artistic in design, we offer a wide selection of coffee tables, end tables, and console tables here at Copenhagen West. Browse some of our pieces online here for some style inspiration to get you started, or stop by our showroom in person so we can help you select the best coffee table for you.