Jul 22

Choosing the Right Accent Chair for Your Living Room


living room accent chairMany go about selecting living room furniture by focusing first on the sofa and end tables, and this often leaves room for flexibility when it comes to an accent chair. Should you go with a chair that looks similar to your sofa? One with a busier design? How do you select a chair that is different yet still complements the rest of the space? Here are some tips to selecting the perfect accent chair for your living room.


Before considering anything else, give considerable thought to the space that you plan on your chair occupying, so that you can be sure that the chair you get is well suited to the space. You might find a chair that you love in a store, but if you’re not careful, this chair might overwhelm the space.


A true accent chair will vary somewhat from the rest of the furniture in the room yet still bring coherence to the room’s design. It’s a great idea to opt for an accent chair when you’re looking to liven up a space, and haven’t done so in other ways such as with a bold rug or bright wall accents.

Even while an accent chair should stand out, it needs to complement what else is already in the room. If your room is full of furniture with clean lines, for example, it’s best not to opt for a large lounge chair with oversized cushions. And if your sofa happens to already feature a busier pattern, consider opting for a solid color chair of a hue featured in the sofa’s pattern, which will pair easily. Look to hues, size, and design lines of existing furniture for clues on what design your accent chair you should get. Additionally, be sure to keep modern furniture with modern furniture and traditional furniture with traditional furniture, as these are lines that are best not crossed between furniture pieces in a room.


Finally, you’ll want to consider function and what role the chair is going to play in the space. If it is to pair directly with your sofa and to offer seating additional to what your sofa, you’ll want to select a chair that is great for lounging in, perhaps with a matching ottoman. Glider chairs are great for this purpose and don’t need to be bulky. If the goal is to add interest to a space, you might opt instead for a swivel chair or rocker chair.

When in doubt about which accent chair to get, remember: this is one furniture piece that you’ll have more leeway with in terms of patterns and unique designs. If normally you have a relatively conservative taste in furniture but want to somehow add interest to a space, a bold accent chair could be just the way to do it.