Jan 8

Choosing the Right Sectional for Your Living Room


leather sectionalSectionals are a highly versatile furniture piece for the living room, and they work well in small and large living spaces alike. They can eliminate the need to purchase other accent pieces of furniture; and they can either be small enough to host an intimate group of people, or large enough seat a whole crowd. But how do you choose which sectional is right for your living room? Here are some of the most fundamental decisions you’ll need to make as you shop for your sectional.


First, sectionals come in multiple shapes. L-shaped sectionals are the most common, but you can also find sectionals in U or circular shapes. You’ll even find sectionals in a more angled shape, like our Soho Sectional. L-shaped sectionals are especially popular because some styles can stand alone and create division in a room, while others will simply add extra seating while being part of a larger set of furniture.


Then, of course, there is the decision you must make in selecting any piece of furniture: which style? You might opt for something traditional, which will typically feature more curves and an overall more “poufy” look. Or, you might go for something modern that features clean lines, like our Citrine Sectional. Contemporary pieces will fall somewhere between traditional and modern in look. And then if you are going for something distinctly midcentury, you might opt for a sectional like our District Sectional.


Sectionals are built and assembled in multiple ways, as well. Most are stationary, meaning that they are designed for one shape. Some are modular, meaning that they feature some interchangeable pieces so that you can customize the shape of your sectional (see our Davenport Bi-Sectional or our District Sectional.) And then there are sectionals that recline, like our Stressless® Paradise. Additionally, some sectionals will feature standard seating all around, while other sectionals, like our Baseline Sofa w/ Chaise Lounge are actually more like a sofa/chaise combination.


Finally, material. The main division here lies between leather and upholstery, but you’ll need to make more detailed decisions as well. If you’re going for a leather look, for example, would you prefer faux leather or genuine leather? If you’d rather have a fabric upholstered sectional, would you prefer polyester or microfiber? You’ll have to decide whether you want a solid or patterned sectional at this point as well, though most will opt for something solid since sectionals are larger pieces of furniture.