Classy Home Decor for Fall

fall decorFall is a favorite season for many, and for good reason. It’s a welcome change from the intense heat of the summer months, it brings a new range of delicately spiced flavors into the kitchen, and it comes with a unique aura of coziness. This makes decorating the home for fall especially exciting, and there are a variety of ways you can decorate for fall with class. Here is a look at some of the ways that you can bring fall into your home this season.


Decorative lanterns from your summer decor can be repurposed for fall with just a few simple changes. Try placing a decorative candle (or three) in some of your lanterns, with decorative squash piled high in the others. Display them on your doorstep or on your dining room table.

Pumpkins and squash

Pumpkins and squash are, of course, a staple in home decor for fall. If classic orange, yellow, and green squash aren’t your thing, consider painting your pumpkins and squash in colors such as white and gold.

Fall blooms

Don’t forget about the many flowers that are in bloom during the fall season as well. Fall sees a variety of beautiful blooms, from dahlias, roses, and orchids to chrysanthemums, marigolds, and gerbera daisies.

Fall produce

You can also add a touch of fall to your kitchen by stocking up on seasonal produce and displaying it in decorative bowls. Some of fall’s most popular counter-safe produce includes squash, apples, clementines, pears, and pomegranates.

Homemade potpourri

One of the things that fall is most famous for is its delectable scents. Try making homemade potpourri by combining dried apple and orange slices, whole nuts, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, pinecones, and seasonally appropriate essential oils in a jar. Alternatively, you can create your own fall-scented spray with some witch hazel and essential oils like juniper, rosemary, orange, cinnamon, and clove.


Pinecones make for a great decor piece that also happens to transition well into the winter months. Try displaying some pinecones along with some decorative squash in a basket, or placing them in a decorative bowl with some colored leaves around some candles, for a dining table centerpiece. Some even choose to create cinnamon-scented pinecones by spraying them with a cinnamon essential oil solution and sealing them in an airtight bag for a few weeks. Then, when winter comes, repurpose your pinecones by displaying them with sprigs from a pine tree, or by dusting them with white paint for a frosted look.