Nov 1

Classy Thanksgiving Decor for the Home


flowers in pumpkinLooking to add an extra touch of festivity to your home for Thanksgiving? Here are 5 classy ways to decorate your home especially for Thanksgiving.

An Elegant Centerpiece

Because the dining room table is at the heart of the Thanksgiving holiday, an elegant fall-themed centerpiece makes for the ultimate Thanksgiving decoration. Here are some great ideas for a festive dining room table centerpiece.

  • Fill the center length of your table with bold fall florals and foliage, interspersing candle votives throughout.
  • Place a solid colored table runner along the length of your dining room table and top it with strategically placed golden pumpkins, candle votives, and pinecones.
  • For a smaller table, simple place some leaves in the center and arrange some pillar style candles on top of them, accenting with small clementines and pinecones.
  • Place an extra long and narrow dish on a coordinating table runner and fill it with miniature pumpkins and pillar-style candles.
  • Create a centerpiece with a large wooden box or crate, filling it with miniature pumpkins, fall foliage, and twigs with berries to accent.

A Welcoming Wreath

What better way to welcome guests to your home over Thanksgiving than with a tasteful wreath at your front door to welcome them? A few ideas for a classy Thanksgiving wreath:

  • Adorn a simple brown twig leaf with fall florals throughout, or with fall florals concentrated at a single “corner” of your wreath.
  • Create a simple pinecone wreath by attaching pinecones with floral wire to a thicker strand of wire shaped into a circle.
  • Use metallic leaves from your local craft store to create a simple fall foliage wreath.
  • Alternatively, instead of a wreath, you might decorate several pinecones with paint or glitter and then hang them from ribbon on the front of your door.

A Garland for Your Banister

A decorative garland strung along your banister is another warm and inviting decor you can add to your home. Consider making or buying a garland made from colored leaves, fake seasonal flowers, pinecones, acorns, or any combination of these.

Floral Pumpkins

Floral pumpkins are a great way to combine fall produce with fall florals in your decor. Try cleaning out a medium sized pumpkin and fill it with succulents or fall season florals, doing the same with several miniature pumpkins to accent. This works best when you can find cylindrical jars that fit inside your pumpkins discreetly for holding your florals. Set your pumpkins on an accent table, sideboard, entry table—or even on your dining room table as a central focal point.