Apr 23

Common Characteristics of Today’s Scandinavian Furniture


modern white sofaScandinavian furniture is well-known for its simple and striking design that features a beautiful natural aesthetic. It can be considered the marriage of beauty and practicality. Because of these design elements, and many more, Scandinavian furniture design has been rising rapidly in popularity as of late. But what exactly are characteristics that define this particular camp in furniture design? Here are a few characteristics that are common to Scandinavian furniture.


With Scandinavian furniture, less is definitely more. This furniture exhibits a design that is kept simple, yet refrains from being boring. Simplicity is achieved through geometric features such as right angles and gentle curves, as well as through a minimal use of decorative flourishes. This simplicity is one thing that makes Scandinavian furniture so striking, and it also allows for the furniture to be integrated into a variety of design schemes.


Scandinavian furniture is also extremely functional, designed to make day-to-day life easier. This means it is easy to assemble and is produced with readily available resources, in turn making it environmentally friendly. It also means that sofas and beds are made with comfort being of utmost importance.

Today, this also means furniture having features like hidden storage, adjustable dimensions, and a European slat system eliminating the need for a box spring. The Classica platform bed is a perfect example of form meeting function to provide everyday convenience. The bed features two built-in storage drawers, as well as the European slat system that allows this bed to go without a box spring.

Natural Materials

The use of organic natural elements is what gives furniture of Scandinavian design its natural aesthetic. Wood in particular is especially common. With our heritage residing in Denmark and Scandinavia as a whole, we carry many pieces made of beautiful woods such as teak, maple, cherry, and walnut. Lighter colored woods are particularly common in Scandinavian furniture because they introduce light into a home that might otherwise be lacking in light for months out of the year. Other natural materials get used as well, such as leather and furs.

For additional inspiration, browse our furniture collections online, or stop by our showroom in Salt Lake City. We specialize both in Scandinavian furniture and in contemporary furniture from around the world, so keep an eye out for these features as you shop our collections. If you are looking for timeless design that will bring warmth to your home, you will want to start here.