Mar 1

Creating a Workspace that Boosts Your Creativity


creative workspaceCreativity can be an elusive muse, and it putting yourself in the right environment can definitely help keep the stream of creativity more constant. Here are some tips to creating a space at home where you can feel your most creative.

Keep clutter to a minimum.

Having a clutter-free environment to work in refreshes the mind and rejuvenates the spirit. Keep clutter to a minimum by limiting what you bring into your workspace to only necessities. Reducing clutter also happens to make your workspace especially easy to clean—another important trait to have in a workspace.

Try white walls.

Not sure what colors to paint your walls? When in doubt, try going with white or off-white. Many creatives favor this light hue for workspace walls because in a way it helps create the “blank canvas” aura that so often gets those creative juices flowing. White can also create feelings of freedom and openness, perhaps subconsciously helping your creative mind to expand.

Find your creative color.

Not so much a fan of an all-white room? Some creatives find that a splash of a certain color works best for them. Maybe a cool mint green, for example, is what you need to fill your workspace with energy. So if white isn’t quite doing it for you, try adding a bright accent wall or area rug to your work area.

Choose furniture that is practical and design conscious.

The best furniture for a creative workspace will be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. When designing your workspace, be sure to choose furniture that you find inspiring and that offers all the conveniences and storage space that you’ll need in your workspace.

Fill your space with inspiration.

There are multiple sources of inspiration that you can draw from as a creative—no matter what your particular realm of creativity happens to be. Add inspiring artwork to your workspace, and be sure to include some reading that helps inspire you creatively as well. Chances are you have music that inspires your creative mind as well, so be sure to always have a playlist or two handy on your phone for those times when you need a “muse.”

Let in natural light.

There truly is no substitute for natural sunlight (especially if you need it for your indoor photography). Try to set up your workspace in an area that sees a good portion of natural sunlight throughout the day.