Nov 1

Designing Your Modern Office Space to Increase Productivity






If you’ve ever had to spend a day working from home, but found yourself sitting on the couch the entire day, you’ll know how hard it is to stay focused on work when you’re not in a work-centric environment. If you spend your days working in the same room as distractions, such as a television, your productivity will suffer. What you need is a room that will help you focus on your work and be a calming environment.


A modern office design


Working in an area that is aesthetically beautiful and not cluttered will help you feel calm and focused. If your workspace is uncomfortable, cramped, or stacked high with unnecessary items, you’ll find your mind wandering and tasks being left unfinished. Don’t let this happen to you. By creating a modern office for yourself, you’re creating a safe haven for you to focus on what’s important, uninterrupted.




One of the most important aspects to a modern office, is to keep everything well organized. A messy room is not a room you want to spend time in. Installing and using the proper shelving and storage is important to ensure you have a proper place for everything in your office, which will help you minimize messes. File carts can be a great storage solution if you find yourself with a lot of paper documents that need to be saved, but not necessarily accessed on a daily basis. File cabinets or carts will tuck your important documents away, and will also give you the option to lock them away from prying eyes.


Shelving is another great storage option. It’s a great place to keep your books and trinkets, which will help you keep your desk clear.


Color Palette


Different colors have an influence on the way that you feel. Depending on your line of work and what kind of mindset you need to be in order to remain focused will help you find out what color is best for you and your modern office. Understanding what colors will make you more productive is an important aspect of designing your modern office.

Red – Passionate, aggressive, and important.

Orange – Playful, energetic, and inexpensive/cheap.

Yellow – Happy, friendly, and cautionary.

Green – Natural, stable, and prosperous.

Blue – Serene, trustworthy, and inviting.

Purple – Luxurious, mysterious, and romantic.

Pink – Feminine, young, and innocent.

Brown – Earthy, sturdy, and rustic.

Black – Powerful, sophisticated, and edgy.

White – Clean, virtuous, and healthy.

Grey – Neutral, formal, and gloomy.