Aug 10

Selecting Furniture for a Small Bedroom


small contemporary bedroomNot all of us can enjoy the luxury of having a large bedroom, but that doesn’t mean that a small bedroom can’t be a space of luxury. Here are some tips on choosing furniture for a smaller sized bedroom.

Go for a bed with storage.

A bed with storage is truly the most functional piece of furniture you can bring into a small bedroom. These beds typically feature convenient storage drawers along the bottom, below where the mattress rests, to afford you extra space for spare bed linens, out-of-season wear, etc. The best beds with storage utilize a European slat system, thus eliminating the need for a box spring and affording extra room for storage without adding bulk. Our Classica Platform Bed, for example, features two storage drawers built into the bed frame, as well as a European slat system—making for a bed that is both beautiful and functional.

Or, go for a bed with height.

Another type of bed that complements a smaller bedroom especially well is a bed with open air space below the mattress. These beds help create depth and can give the illusion of extra space in your room. Our Astrid Bed is a great example of a bed that offers open space below the mattress, plus a modern, aesthetically pleasing design.

Choose a nightstand with shelving and/or drawers.

Some nightstands are simple, small side tables, while other nightstands are more robust pieces built for storage. In the case of having a small bedroom, it’s a good idea to opt for a nightstand that features storage (assuming you need the extra storage space). Our Astrid Nightstand, for example, features both a drawer and shelving space for displaying personal items.

Know your dresser options.

Contemporary dressers and chests of drawers come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, so chances are you can find the perfect one to suit your small bedroom. Our Urbana Dresser collection, for example, includes a large double dresser, a single dresser, and a tall, narrow chest—plus a coordinating smaller nightstand. Lower dressers are great for storing clothing while offering a space for displaying artwork and other personal items; taller chests of drawers, meanwhile, are great for rooms that can’t afford a great deal of wall space.

Select colors wisely.

Lighter colors tend to visually expand a room, so consider opting for furniture made from lighter woods. A monochromatic color scheme can also contribute to the feeling of a larger space.