Aug 8

How Large of a Sofa Do I Need?


large green modern sofaA sofa probably one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your home’s furniture, making it all-the-more important to choose wisely for your living room space. One of the biggest considerations you’ll be making in selecting a sofa is size. Here are some tips to selecting a perfectly sized sofa for your living room space.

Measure your doorway.

The first and perhaps most important thing to ask yourself when shopping for a sofa is this: will this sofa fit through my doorway? Many sofas come with the feet detached and packaged as separate pieces, with removable cushions as well, so you usually need only worry about the height and length of the couch itself. Don’t forget to consider the height restrictions that your elevator might pose as well if you happen to live in an apartment building.

Know how much space you are working with.

The size of your living room will, of course, be a major factor as well. Be sure to measure in particular how much space you’ll be working with in your living room, taking into account the space you’ll need for end tables, other seating, your coffee table, your entertainment center, etc.

Take into account other room features as well.

Where you you envision yourself placing your sofa? Under a window? Directly across from your TV? Underneath already existing wall artwork? These are factors that could place height or length limitations on the sofa that you choose, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Know what you’ll be using your sofa for.

It’s also important to take into account the factors relating to how your sofa will be used. Do you plan on letting guests frequently sleep on your couch? In this case, you might want to opt for something with a wider cushion from back to front. Do you plan on making your living room a central area where guests congregate and converse? You’ll probably want to opt for something larger, then.

Practice smart design technique.

Be sure that you follow some standard design guidelines when selecting and placing your sofa. For example, you should plan to have 18 inches between the front edge of your sofa and your coffee table. Moreover, plan to have somewhere between 3 and 10 feet between various pieces of seating so that guests will be at a comfortable distance for conversing with one another. As for distance between your sofa and your TV, you should estimate to put your sofa about 2.75 inches away from the TV for each inch of diagonal screen size. (For a 40-inch TV, that comes out to around 9 feet.) These guidelines will help you to decide whether a sofa is too large or too small for a space.