Jun 1

Tips for Arranging Your Living Room Furniture


contemporary living roomSo you’ve picked out the perfect modern or contemporary furniture to update your living room space, but now the hard part is deciding how exactly you are going to arrange your new furniture in your interior space. Here is an in-depth look at three essential tips for arranging living room furniture.

Choose a focal point.

It can help to approach designing your living room space by choosing a focal point. When deciding on your living room’s focal point, ask yourself this question: what do I want people’s eyes to fall on when they enter the room? If your living room has an impressive fireplace, for example, then you might want to orient your furniture around that to make it the focal point. But even if your living room doesn’t have a fireplace or mantle, there are many other focal points you could create, such as a large window with a stunning view, an impressive bookcase, a large piece of artwork, or—as many people now opt for—a television.

Keep in mind when selecting your focal point that ideally it should face the entryway to your room, or at least the most frequently used entrance to your living room. If it doesn’t make sense here to have your furniture face the focal point of your room, then it doesn’t have to. The position of the focal point is more important than having your furniture all oriented around your focal point.

Arrange for conversation.

One trick to laying out the furniture in your living room is that you typically also want the furniture layout to be conducive to conversation. Guests will ideally be able to come into your living room, seat themselves, and easily be able to strike up a conversation with the people around them. This can be tricky if you’re already orienting your furniture around a particular focal point in the room. One solution for this is to keep some of your furniture “mobile.” If orienting a sofa and two accent chairs around a fireplace, for example, you might position the sofa directly across from the fireplace and then have the accent chairs positioned closer to the fireplace, also facing the fireplace. Then, you have the option of moving those accent chairs to face inward when you know you’ll be having company over.

Have a center point as well.

We’ve already discussed the focal point; now it’s time to discuss the center point. The focal point and center point of a room are typically two different things. The focal point, on the one hand, is where the eye goes when you enter the room, and it helps give the room a visual balance. The center point, on the other hand, is more about helping you arrange your furniture around something central. In many homes, the center point of the living room is positioned near the center of the room, but it doesn’t have to be. Most people will use a coffee table as their living room’s center point and position the sofa and accent chair(s) around it to tie things together.

If your living room is particularly large, then you might be better off creating two “center points” in your space.