Jan 19

How to Choose the Best Accessory Lamp


modern  living roomLamps are perhaps the most useful of decorations. They’re an attractive ornament for a drab corner and provide light where there is little. Yet, as you go about choosing the perfect lamp for your home, keep in mind that lamps are not like light bulbs. There isn’t a standard shape and wattage you can pick up in bulk and use in every room. It requires a little more thought; hopefully these tips will steer you in the right direction.

Find the Resting Place

Will your lamp rest on a table or on the floor? This is perhaps the first thing you should consider before purchasing a lamp. It will help you determine the size, shape, and height of the lamp.

The Perfect Height

Consider the room in which your lamp will reside. How tall are the ceilings? The furnishings? The windows? You’ll want your lamp to blend seamlessly with the other features around it. Lamps are meant to be accessories, not the focal point, so they shouldn’t be too much taller or shorter than the other items in the room.

Just the Right Size

Just as the wrong height can make your lamp stick out in a bad way, so can the wrong size. Make sure the size of your lamp isn’t too bulky or not bulky enough next to your other furnishings and accessories in the room. For example, if you’re placing your lamp next to overstuffed sofas, you’ll want to choose a skinny lamp rather than a fat one so it can contrast with the fluffy sofa.

Select The Shape

The shape is another important component, since lamps come in all different ones. They might be skinny, fat, round, rectangular, triangular, or even oval. If you’re room is more modern, go for sharp angles. If it’s more cozy, softer shapes are best.

Complements Your Color Theme

The right color often depends on the room’s existing decor. If you have mostly brown hues in your room and are looking for a pop of color, a colorful lamp may be just the thing the room needs. If you have plenty of color in the room already, it might be a good idea to choose a lamp in a neutral or pastel color that won’t clash with the other hues.

Know the Purpose

Knowing the exact purpose of your lamp will also be a tremendous aid as you determine the right lamp for your home. If it’s a reading lamp, you’ll want one with an angled lamp shade or an adjustable head. If it is simply for decoration, just pick one that will match the room.

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