Aug 1

Tips for Decorating Your Entryway


contemporary entrywayThe entryway into the home is often forgotten when it comes time to do some interior decorating. Giving your home’s entryway a little extra attention, then, is a great way to set your home apart and truly make an impact in your interior decorating. Here are some tips for staging the entryway in your contemporary home.

Make it practical.

Your entryway should be, above all else, practical. Consider how you use your entryway space, and aim to design and decorate your space accordingly. If you commonly set down your bag, coat, and keys there, for example, consider investing in organization and furniture pieces (like hooks, shelves, and drawers) that will answer to this. If your entryway is a space that frequently sees muddy shoes and boots, opt for rugs that can stand up to this kind of wear and tear. If you frequently put on your boots in your entryway right before heading out the door, maybe include a small chair or stool. Practicality happens to be at the very heart of modern interior design, so giving your entryway a modern touch is especially fitting.

Invest in a side table.

A long, narrow table or sideboard is a great way to bring a point of focus to your entryway while also adding a space for convenient storage. If you don’t have many storage needs but would like a place to display art and a decorative vase or two, you might consider a legged table like this one. One great advantage to having a legged table in your entryway is that you can add decorative storage underneath, such as a wire bin for winter wear or a wooden crate for dirty shoes. If you want something with more storage included, you might consider a sideboard like this one.

Make a statement with wall art.

This is where people will be getting a first impression of your home, so it’s a good idea to decorate your entryway with art pieces that truly speak to you. Consider creating a small gallery wall, or setting framed art on a side table. This blog post from a few months back has some great tips on selecting art.

Include a mirror.

People tend to want to see how they look before leaving and upon entering a home. For an extra touch of practicality, then, a well-placed mirror makes for a great addition to your entryway space. As a bonus, a mirror can catch sunlight and bring it into an otherwise dark hallway.