How To Design The Perfect Gallery Wall

Picture frame vector. Vintage photo frames on wallThere are a few design elements that are really trending lately, and one of them is the gallery wall. You can put one in any room of your house, but putting one in your living or sitting room is beautiful, and a great way to welcome people into your home. A gallery wall is the perfect way to display your favorite photos and prints in a tasteful way. You have to be careful, however, because it can be too easy to take your gallery wall from elegant to cluttered.

Pick the perfect layout

The first step to creating your gallery wall, is to pick a layout. You’ll want to consider the size of your wall, and how many photos and prints you’re wanting to display. From there, you can pick a design that is aesthetically pleasing to you. You can either create the layout as you go, placing a photo and then working your way out from the middle of the wall, spacing out prints. Or, it can be helpful to find an inspiration photo of a gallery wall that you like, and use the same layout for your own gallery wall. A great place to find inspiration is to look on Pinterest, or you can mimic the gallery wall you saw at your friends, or featured on one of your favorite blogs.

Selecting prints

A gallery wall is the perfect way to show the things you love, and create the perfect introduction into your home. Instead of doing just photos, try to include simple prints that feature typography, illustrations, or simple signs. For example, you could include a few watercolor paintings, or even wooden letters, mixed in with the photos that you’re wanting to display. Just make sure that the items you select for your wall are cohesive and not eclectic. You want the wall to work in harmony, so don’t pick items that don’t go together very well.

Frame it

Unless some of the pieces you’re including are canvases or printed onto wood, it’s a good idea to find frames for everything. Consistency is key, so you either want all of the frames to be the same, or have none of them be the same. There can be consistency in non-consistency, as well. You wouldn’t want to have all black frames, and then one white frame, but an even mix of both colors would be beautiful. Along the same lines, you wouldn’t want to frame every single piece and then have just one canvas. Make sure you keep everything consistent, or have a good mix of every different element you feature.