Mar 2

How to Make Your Bedroom the Ultimate Relaxation Space


comfortable bedroomIf you’re looking to get a more restful sleep at night, you may want to consider changing how you’ve been organizing your sleep space. Here are some tips to keep in mind for your next bedroom update so that you can start getting a better night of sleep.

Lower Your Bed

Many like to raise their beds in order to take advantage of the storage space it can offer underneath, but did you know that having a bed too high off of the ground can work against your feeling relaxed? Consider getting a bed that will put you closer to the ground so that you can feel grounded in your sleep space. By virtue of lower beds being a part of the modern, Scandinavian aesthetic, we happen to offer a wide variety of beds that fit this standard, with this Dalia bed and this Nuvola bed being two popular examples. Most of our beds take advantage of the European slat system that eliminates the need for a box spring.

Try a Bed with an Attached Nightstand

Ever had the frustrating moment in the middle of the night where you reach to grab something off of your nightstand, only to drop it right in the space between your nightstand and your bed? Keep important objects close by and easy-to-access with a seamless bed-to-nightstand transition. Our Gap bed is one such bed that offers this convenience.

Go for Hidden Storage

This most relaxing of spaces have as few items out in the open as possible. This is why furniture with hidden storage is especially coveted for the bedroom. The Classica bed, for example, features two storage drawers built right into the bed frame—a perfect solution to that under-the-bed clutter.

Ditch the Electronics

This especially applies to TVs, but it also applies to small gadgets with small lights that could interfere with your sleeping pattern. Try to get as many electronics out of the bedroom as possible; many people these days use their mobile phones as their alarm clocks for this reason.

Invest in Soft Bed Linens

While you may be tempted to skimp on your bed linens and mattress, consider this: if you regularly get a full night of sleep, you spend approximately a third of your life in your bed. Invest your money where your time is and get only the best dressings for your bed.

Separate Your Work and Sleep Space

This means not bringing your laptop to bed with you so that you can do some quick work e-mail checking at bedtime. While it’s tempting to do arduous tasks in the most comfortable of conditions possible, doing this can interfere with the calm, relaxing feel you’ve worked so hard to bring to your bedroom. Save work for the home office so that every time you’re in your bedroom your brain will know that it’s time to relax.