Mar 1

Giving Your Modern Home a Fresh Update for Spring


modern plantMany of us have spent the past few months embracing “hygge” and making it a part of our interior decor during the coldest months of the year. And now that it’s finally March, it’s time to starting looking forward to spring with our interior decor. Here are a few ways that you can give your modern home a fresh update just as the snow starts to thaw and temperatures start to rise.

Swap in some colorful pillows.

Throw pillows are wonderfully versatile, as you can always swap them in and out to suit the current season. Swap in some colorful throw pillows in your living room space. Colors like coral orange, medium green-blue, dusky blue, and rose quartz are especially on-trend right now. If you’re working with prints, make sure that they are different enough so as not to clash.

Go for a new vase.

With new flowers about to arrive in full bloom, you’ll want to have a modern vase or two on hand for displaying your blooms artfully. Glass and colored glass vases always integrate well into a modern space. Vases in indigo, seafoam green, and cool white are especially popular this year.

Pick out a fresh candle.

A fresh spring scented candle is a great way to complete the ambiance in your modern home as spring begins. Opt for one that comes in a beautiful decorative jar that you will be able to repurpose once the candle is finished. Candle jars that feature geometric designs go especially well in modern spaces.

Add a planter or terrarium.

Planters and terrariums subtly hint at spring while coordinating with any modern interior space. If opting for a planter, go for one in a hushed neutral tone such as cream, concrete gray, or charcoal for a decidedly modern look. If opting for a terrarium, make sure it includes natural elements that are easy to care for, such as air plants, succulents, and cacti.

Install a new mirror.

Mirrors are perfect for modern spaces because they are both decorative and practical. A well designed mirror can add both an artful and functional touch to any modern interior space. Consider investing in a new decorative mirror for your living room, bedroom, or bathroom to capture the sunlight this spring. Mirrors that incorporate wood or metallic accents are especially popular this season.