Dec 1

Interior Design Tips for the Modern Living Room


modern living roomModern and contemporary design have unique characteristics that set them apart from other styles of interior design, and sometimes it can be hard putting these unique characteristics into practice in interior design. Here is a look at some essential interior design tips, specifically for modern and contemporary living rooms.

Invest in a great sofa.

Modern interior design is centered around impressive functionality and carefully curated pieces. Instead of purchasing a sofa that simply does the job—and that you’ll have to replace in a few short years—invest in a truly great sofa that will really anchor your living room space. Give yourself time to do this as well; chances are you won’t find the perfect sofa right away.

Pull furniture away from the walls.

Here’s another tip that you could apply in any living room but that appeals especially to modern spaces that crave breathing room. Instead of pushing your furniture up against the walls, pull it a few inches away from the walls. Doing so will warm up the space and create flow.

Float at least one furniture piece.

Try floating at least one furniture piece to avoid giving your living room a dance hall look. You might, for example, position your sofa in the middle of a large living room, or you might create a circular seating arrangement by floating two accent chairs in the middle of your living room. As an added bonus, this will let you “show off” the backside of one or more of your furniture pieces.

Hang artwork at the proper height.

This tip applies to any style living room, but perhaps most especially to modern living rooms that put emphasis on just a few carefully placed wall art pieces around the room. Be sure when hanging artwork in your living room space that you hang it at the proper height—with the midline between 57 and 60 inches from the ground. Do this even when you enjoy high ceilings and are tempted to hang your artwork higher.

Limit your color palette.

If you truly want your living room to have a modern feel, then try to restrict the room’s color palette to a few carefully selected colors. Opting for multiple colors in the same color family or mixing a few different colors with neutrals is best. These will keep your living room from feeling busy and cluttered—the complete opposite of what a modern space should be.

Incorporate texture.

Going with a limited color palette doesn’t have to keep things boring. Modern spaces make use of a variety of natural materials, such as wood, leather, linen, wool. Incorporate texture by drawing from a variety of materials as you accent the space.