May 15

Modern Rug Trends for Modern Spaces


modern overdyed rugA rug can truly make or break an interior space, so if you are looking to give your living room or dining room a modern feel, it’s important to spend some time considering the right rug for your interior space. Here is a brief look at the latest trends in rugs for modern spaces.

Scandinavian flat weaves

Scandinavian flat weave rugs tend to feature elegantly balanced geometric designs, and as in the classically Scandinavian way, they’ll definitely add a modern touch to your home. You’ll find them in a wide variety of colors, from muted to ultra saturated, and in a wide variety of patterns as well. They also happen to be thin, durable, and low-maintenance since they are flat weave. (Bonus: a great many flat weave rugs are reversible!)


Today’s overdyed rugs make use of the vintage overdyed look while updating with new colors and styles. They’re a great way to add a pop of color to any room while subtly bringing a different design style into your room. (You can even sneak a traditional Oriental rug style into your space with this type of rug!) Here is a great example of an overdyed rug that would fit well into a modern space.


Moroccan style rugs are great for those who admire Bohemian style rugs but want something slightly more modern looking for their space. These rugs are traditionally hand woven rugs from different areas of North Africa and come in both high pile and pileless varieties, making them great for a variety of climates. Their geometric patterns make them suitable for modern spaces, and they tend to feature neutral colors, making them a highly versatile choice in rugs.

Colorful geometric prints

These are probably the first rugs to come to mind when you think of a modern space. They feature bold colors and clean lines, and they are a great option when you want to add a bold touch to a space. We feature many rugs in this style on our rugs page.

Updated neutrals

Neutral colored rugs are always a safe option for any space, but modern interior design tends to feature updated versions of these classically colored rugs. Moroccan style rugs, for example, tend to tie together neutral colors with geometric patterns, making them a great option for a modern space. Updated neutral rugs are a great way to add a light and subtle foundation to a room.