November 11

What Type of Headboard Is Best for You?

When shopping for a new bed, many people think first about which type of headboard they want their new bed to have. It is typically the most prominent part of the bed, after all, and you want your headboard to be perfectly suited to your ideal sleeping conditions. Here is a guide to your many.

November 1

Becoming Minimalist: Tips for Getting Rid of Your Stuff

For many people, going through your own stuff and getting rid of possessions can be difficult. It’s tempting to keep things that you think you might use in the future, even when you haven’t touched them for years. The beauty of cleaning out your home and getting rid of stuff, however, is that you can.

October 20

Make Your Bedroom a Sleep Sanctuary

Do you often feel drowsy throughout the day? Do you wake up feeling groggy and weak? Do you have trouble focusing, or quickly get anxious or irritated? These are all signs that you’re not getting enough sleep. According to the CDC, 30% of adults are regularly sleep-deprived. Sleep deprivation can contribute to depression, weight gain,.

October 10

Design Hacks for Small Spaces

Interior design is all about manipulating the elements of a room to create the effect that you want, and customize the home so that it’s comfortable, beautiful, and functional.

October 1

Choosing an Accent Piece for a Room

Think, for a moment, about a song that has a strong emotional impact for you. Now, tell me, is there a moment, maybe two, when that song really builds and has an especially powerful effect? What would the song be without that moment? On the other hand, what would the song be like if the.

September 23

3 Basics of Feng-Shui

Feng shui is the Chinese philosophy of harmonizing yourself and your environment to create a flow of positive energy. Now, while that might sound a bit out-there to you at first, think about it with an open mind. Every interior decorator builds their life’s work on the idea that an environment can affect its inhabitants..

September 11

Create a Home Office You Can Actually Work In

Anyone who’s ever worked an office job knows that the office itself isn’t always ideal. There might be too much noise, or not enough. You might pine for a view out the window, or a game with some coworkers where you can work out the tension and get the creative juices flowing.

September 1

Tips for a Clutter-Free Life

Everyone wants a movie-set living room. It seldom ends up that way, though. After all, a living room is for living in! There are always projects in progress, odds and ends that we forgot about, and if you have children… toys. Toys everywhere. However, you don’t have to choose between having a beautiful house, and.

August 19

Elements of Clean and Classic Interior Style

You often hear the words “clean” and “classic” paired together, especially in the world of interior design. But what does “clean and classic” mean for interior design, exactly? In case you’re looking to create a clean and classic look in your home, here is a brief guide to design elements that come together to create.

August 10

Selecting Furniture for a Small Bedroom

Not all of us can enjoy the luxury of having a large bedroom, but that doesn’t mean that a small bedroom can’t be a space of luxury. Here are some tips on choosing furniture for a smaller sized bedroom.

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