September 23

3 Basics of Feng-Shui

Feng shui is the Chinese philosophy of harmonizing yourself and your environment to create a flow of positive energy. Now, while that might sound a bit out-there to you at first, think about it with an open mind. Every interior decorator builds their life’s work on the idea that an environment can affect its inhabitants..

September 11

Create a Home Office You Can Actually Work In

Anyone who’s ever worked an office job knows that the office itself isn’t always ideal. There might be too much noise, or not enough. You might pine for a view out the window, or a game with some coworkers where you can work out the tension and get the creative juices flowing.

September 1

Tips for a Clutter-Free Life

Everyone wants a movie-set living room. It seldom ends up that way, though. After all, a living room is for living in! There are always projects in progress, odds and ends that we forgot about, and if you have children… toys. Toys everywhere. However, you don’t have to choose between having a beautiful house, and.

August 19

Elements of Clean and Classic Interior Style

You often hear the words “clean” and “classic” paired together, especially in the world of interior design. But what does “clean and classic” mean for interior design, exactly? In case you’re looking to create a clean and classic look in your home, here is a brief guide to design elements that come together to create.

August 10

Selecting Furniture for a Small Bedroom

Not all of us can enjoy the luxury of having a large bedroom, but that doesn’t mean that a small bedroom can’t be a space of luxury. Here are some tips on choosing furniture for a smaller sized bedroom.

August 1

Tips for Decorating Your Entryway

The entryway into the home is often forgotten when it comes time to do some interior decorating. Giving your home’s entryway a little extra attention, then, is a great way to set your home apart and truly make an impact in your interior decorating. Here are some tips for staging the entryway in your contemporary.

July 22

Park City is the Perfect Home for Scandinavian Design

Park City is a town nestled between high mountain peaks, surrounded by silent pine forests, dotted with hot springs and buried under several feet of snow for half of the year. No wonder it’s a natural home for the elements of Scandinavian design! It echoes the environment that brought Scandinavian design into being. Park City.

July 12

Inspiration for Incorporating Houseplants

When you decide to incorporate houseplants into your home decor, you’ll discover that it’s more complicated than throw pillows and knickknacks. Plants are living organisms. They need certain elements in order to thrive. However, once you find the right situation, the payoff is absolutely worth it.

July 1

5 Benefits of Decorating with Houseplants

Some trends flare up and burn out quickly, and some are here to stay. Indoor plants are a trend that’s worth holding onto. Houseplants can have a major impact on the environment of your home. Here are five specific benefits that you’ll see once you add plants to your home’s design.

June 15

Tips for Selecting Art for Your Walls

Wall art is one thing that takes a typical house and turns it into a home. There are so many choices in wall art these days that the task of selecting art for your walls can seem overwhelming, but ultimately it’s important to curate a small collection of wall art that speaks to you so.

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