April 2

Subtle Touches of Spring for the Dining Room

A hallmark of a truly contemporary home with a Scandinavian aesthetic is subtle home decor. It can be festive, yes, but nothing too loud or overbearing that would distract from the calm, clean feel of the home. With spring here, you may be wondering how to introduce elements of spring into your home without going.

March 23

6 Ways to Add Marsala to Your Living Room in 2015

Have you heard? Marsala—described by Pantone as a “robust and earthy wine red”—is Pantone’s color of the year for 2015, and this vibrant, yet somehow neutral hue is just asking to find its way into your living room this year. Here are a few easy ways to give your living room a timely color update.

March 16

How to Create a Minimalist Living Room Space

Now more than ever, clean, minimalist living spaces without any clutter to speak of are a must-have in the home. But how does one create such a space while still keeping a collection of necessary possessions close at hand? Here are some great ways to bring a modern, minimalist feel to your living room.

March 9

Caring for Your Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is known for its durable, natural wear and timeless look, as well as for its easy upkeep. But even if your leather furniture means that you can wipe up spills rather than scrub them, it’s important to know what you should and shouldn’t be putting on your leather in order to keep it.

February 16

9 Reasons to Get New Furniture Now

Getting new furniture is like getting new shoes—only better because it happens much less frequently. We buy new furniture for many reasons, sometimes out of necessity and sometimes just because. Either way, sometimes you need furniture immediately. Here are ten excuses—we mean reasons—to buy new furniture today.

January 19

How to Choose the Best Accessory Lamp

Lamps are perhaps the most useful of decorations. They’re an attractive ornament for a drab corner and provide light where there is little. Yet, as you go about choosing the perfect lamp for your home, keep in mind that lamps are not like light bulbs. There isn’t a standard shape and wattage you can pick.

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