Jul 22

Park City is the Perfect Home for Scandinavian Design


Scandinavian furniture in Park CityPark City is a town nestled between high mountain peaks, surrounded by silent pine forests, dotted with hot springs and buried under several feet of snow for half of the year. No wonder it’s a natural home for the elements of Scandinavian design! It echoes the environment that brought Scandinavian design into being.

Park City was founded in the late 1800’s, when the transcontinental railroad and the discovery of silver ore brought hopeful miners from various locales around the world. Although Park City’s population experienced a major dip in the 1900’s due to its depleted mines and isolation, the eclectic mix of people, culture, arts, and a shared love for the mountains triggered its revival in the 1970’s as a ski resort and a haven for the independent art scene.

Brought over from immigrating minors and skiers, but embraced by the city as a whole, Scandinavian design provides the perfect match for Park City’s environment and history. Here are some elements that you’ll find suit your home just perfectly:

Open, Light, Airy Interiors
To provide a retreat from the cold winter nights, you’d think that Scandinavian design would be enclosed and warm-toned. However, instead, the interiors seek to provide a feeling of space, airiness, and coolness. This gives you a sense of freedom, even when you’re locked indoors for the winter. Huge windows and a love of natural light make the most of the natural beauty surrounding us in Park City year-round.

Understated Elegance Paired with Eclectic Elements
Scandinavian design is famous for its simplicity and subtle artistry, often found in a neutral, cool color palette and sleek, minimalist lines. This bare-bones functionality leaves room for bold artistic statements throughout your interior. It’s the perfect expression of the forward-thinking modernity of Park City, its eclectic and independent art scene.

Love of Nature
Characterized by an emphasis on the natural element of wood, Scandinavian furniture brings the outside in. The warm tones of cherry, teak, and maple provide the perfect counterpoint to the cool colors you love. Additionally, Scandinavian design is eco-friendly as it seeks out creative solutions to be more functional, conservative of natural resources, and modern.

Luxurious Warmth
Another famous characteristic of Scandinavian design is its focus on luxurious features of warmth: from saunas to fireplaces. There’s nothing more soothing after a day on the slopes, or an evening spent wandering Park City’s famous Main Street, than relaxing in the warmth of your home while you gaze out on the cold stars outside your window.

Incorporate more Scandinavian design elements into your home by visiting our showroom. We can help you find the perfect pieces to convert your home into a cozy mountain paradise.