Oct 6

Picking Out the Best Desk


Perfect DeskYou may have extra room in your living room or you may have a bonus room that you want to convert into an office—you need the right desk to create the perfect ambiance for an at-home office space.

Desks are used in a variety of ways and come in all different shapes and sizes. It can be difficult to pinpoint what type of desk is needed for your personality, budget, and functionality. When deciding what type of desk to get for your room, here are a few key points to consider:


What is the purpose of this desk? Are you an avid seamstress, so you need ample room for your sewing machine, fabric patches, pins, and buttons? Or are you a writer who just needs a small place for a laptop and a cup of green tea? The purpose of your desk will determine all the other factors. Make sure to measure the space you want to place the desk before you go online or shopping in-person. Also, measure your door frames and take the measurements into consideration—you don’t want to buy the perfect desk only to realize it won’t fit through your hallway.


Are you the kind of active person that hates sitting? Good thing we offer standing desks that will keep your restless legs satisfied. One of the best standing desks we offer is the Jesper 7000. Try it out—you might be surprised when you actually love it. Or you may be the kind of person that wants and needs to sit down while she thinks. We offer great, high-quality desks for either option you prefer.

Shelving and Storage

Look at the mass of papers, binders, and folders you have and ponder how they will fit in the desk. To keep your mind clean and orderly, you need to keep your space that way. Make sure there’s plenty of storage space if you have loads of paperwork and other office supplies. Do you have a lot of books that you just can’t give away? We have excellent desks with bookshelves attached that establish a more regal, sophisticated feel to your work space.


For a professional-looking office desk, a mixture of traditional and modern is the way to go. Clean lines and clear shapes construct a go-getter, modern-day type of professional. To create a good feng shui space, you should consider using an L-shaped desk that will face a window. Remember that color is just as important with your desk. If the rest of your house uses honey-colored wood, continue that motif into your office with a beautiful, light-colored desk. The same goes for black and other darker colors.