May 1

4 Ways to Prevent Clutter in Your Home


kitchen organizationReducing clutter is a fundamental aspect of the minimalist lifestyle. We’ve talked quite a bit on the blog about reducing clutter in the home (see our post on becoming minimalist, for example), but many of us struggle to keep clutter from creeping into the home—even after we’ve cleared our homes of all unnecessary items. Here are some key tips on preventing future clutter in your home.

Create organization you can stick to.

Once you’ve cleared your home of clutter, it’s important to create smart organization in your home for the items you are going to keep. Install convenient drawer organizers in your kitchen, for example, and invest in some jars and bins to help keep that pantry organized. You might also invest in some closet organization that will help you keep track of all of your clothing and accessories. The key here is to create organization that you’ll be able to stick to for the long haul.

Develop daily habits that keep clutter in check.

You are going to use and live in your home throughout the day, of course. This means that clutter may accumulate in areas of your home over the course of the day. Because everyday activities like cooking and crafting do have the potential to create clutter, it’s important to develop habits that are going to keep these types of clutter in check. Here are just a few examples of wise everyday habits to adopt:

  • Cleaning the kitchen after every meal
  • Cleaning the bathroom every evening
  • Organizing the mail as soon as you get it from the mailbox
  • Throwing away garbage as soon as you know it’s garbage
  • Finishing or putting away all projects (crafts, school, etc.) the day you start them
  • Putting everyday items (shoes, books, toys, etc.) back where they belong

Buy less.

This is much easier said than done, of course, but learning to buy less is essential for preventing clutter in the home. Before you bring anything into the home, ask yourself:

  • Do I truly need this?
  • Am I buying this on impulse?
  • Have I done my research on this item?
  • Will this item have a “home” in my home?
  • Can this item replace something already in my home?

Establish a running “donations” box.

It also helps to establish a running box for giveaway or donation items. Then, you can simply add to it on an everyday basis as the need arises.