Apr 19

Room Accessories for the Modern Space


modern furniture and accessoriesModern living room design tends to favor minimal decor and pared down possessions, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t add a few room accessories to complete the space. Here is a look at some common go-to decor items for modern living rooms.

Throw pillows

No list of room accessories would be complete without mention of throw pillows. Throw pillows give a room a more lived-in look, and they are incredibly easy to change in and out as your taste evolves. They also happen to be useful in any living room, meaning that they’ll adorn your space while also adding function. Today’s modern throw pillows tend to feature abstract prints and geometric patterns, and you’ll find them in neutral and bold colors alike.

Throw blanket

Going along the same lines of decorating your living room using functional items, a throw blanket can add interest to your space while also coming in handy when it gets cold.


A simple, decorative vase is a great piece for a coffee table, end table, or mantle. It can stand alone as decoration, and work functionally to hold fresh flowers from time to time. And if you’d really like your decorative vase to serve as a focal decor piece in your living room, you might opt for three different sized, coordinating vases staged together (like three of these white string ceramic vases.)


For something even more artistic than a decorative vase, you might try decorative glass. Decorative glass will lend an artful, modern touch to any living room, and you’ll find it in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Head over to our glass accessories page for some inspiration.


Decorative trays have been becoming more and more popular as of late, coming in a variety of finishes including reclaimed wood, acrylic, lacquer, mirrored, and even marble. They can be functional in transporting your morning coffee and reading materials, and they can also help keep things organized in your living room.

Planters and terrariums

Planters and terrariums are another trend that continues to go strong, and you’ll find them in all sorts of modern, geometric styles. Larger planters can be placed directly on the floor or on a small planter stool, while smaller planters and terrariums might be used to decorate an end table or mantle.

Poufs and ottomans

Gone are the days when an ottoman needed a coordinating chair to go along with it. Many modern living rooms will include a decorative pouf or ottoman, some of which even feature interior storage space for added functionality.