Dec 22

Scandinavian Interior Design Dos and Don’ts


modern scandinavian interiorLooking to add a more Scandinavian touch to your home? Here are the main interior design dos and don’ts you’ll want to consider.

Do use natural materials.

Harsh winters in Scandinavia mean that the typical Scandinavian home brings as many natural materials into the home as possible. When designing your home, be sure to incorporate lots of wood. In addition to wooden furniture, you might consider getting wooden floors, or even installing wooden planking on your walls or ceilings. Other materials to consider include leather, glass, and raw metals.

Do maximize functionality.

Scandinavian homes are all about function and catering to the modern lifestyle. Be sure to invest in furniture pieces with features that maximize convenience. When designing your space, you should always be thinking, “How can I make this space more functional?”

Do keep colors neutral.

Scandinavian interiors also tend to lay heavy emphasis on neutral colors—and this is due in part to the heavy use of natural materials. You’ll see lots of tans and cool greys and blues in Scandinavian homes. Do know, however, that there is still room to add color in a Scandinavian home. If you look at design influences such as Josef Frank of the 1940s and Marimekko of the 1960s, for example, you’ll find Scandinavian style design that made heavy use of color. Start with a neutral color base and go from there.

Do install a fireplace.

Because the winters in Scandinavia are so harsh, you’ll also typically find a fireplace somewhere in the Scandinavian home. Often the fireplace will be a simple corner fireplace, rather than the larger, more grandiose type of fireplace that so often becomes the focal point of a living room.

Don’t allow clutter.

Simplicity is key in Scandinavian design, and it really goes hand-in-hand with functionality. Before laying out your Scandinavian space, try to pare down your possessions as best you can, keeping only what you feel to be useful or especially beautiful. This will help give your space the minimalist vibe it needs.

Don’t over-accessorize.

On a similar note, don’t put too much thought into accessorizing your space with room accessories. One or two decorative pieces are fine; beyond that, your space will be best adorned with items that you use on a regular basis.

Don’t install carpet.

As you may have suspected, the heavy emphasis on natural materials in Scandinavian homes means that you’ll less frequently find carpet installed in these homes. Opt instead for hardwood floors throughout the home (save for the bathroom, which can feature tiled flooring.)