Oct 15

Small Updates to Transform Your Kitchen in a Big Way



Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. They say that the kitchen and bathroom are the rooms that sell a home, and they’re right. Remodeling a kitchen is a daunting project that no one wants to overtake, so a stunning kitchen is a room that will automatically attract anyone.




A backsplash can completely transform the look of your entire kitchen. Backsplash tiles are easier than ever to install, too, truly making it an easy and small update that will speak volumes. You can even purchase backsplash tiles that come with a sticky back, which means you can easily place them without having to worry about messing around with grout. You can choose a colorful backsplash to bring attention to the room, or something muted and classy to protect your walls and keep the room looking put together.


Paint the cabinets


Most homes come with the same color cabinets; a honey oak. While this isn’t an ugly color for cabinetry, it’s very plain and common and doesn’t compliment all color schemes. Although this is a project that may be a bit time consuming, depending on the volume of cabinets in your room, it’s a project that will pay off in a big way when you’re finished. Painting the cabinets can completely open up the room, making the room feel warmer and more inviting. Stick to something simple, such as staining the cabinets a few shades darker to maintain the wood grain, or paint them white. If you’re feeling especially ambitious and adventurous, play around with the idea of something more drastic such as hunter green or a light blue color.


Update light fixtures


Your light fixtures in your kitchen may be something you’ve never given any thought to, unless one of your light bulbs burns out. However, updating your lighting options can make your kitchen look upscale and refined, without changing anything else. When choosing lights, choose bulbs that produce white light rather than yellow light. This will make your kitchen look more inviting any time that the lights are on, and is less harsh on your eyes. This is a great time to get rid of clunky fixtures, replacing it with something more delicate and less in the way. You can even choose a metal finish that matches the finish on the rest of your kitchen, such as your faucet and cabinet hardware. A great metal finish for a kitchen is copper; it’s elegant while also maintaining a rustic feel. Truly the perfect finish for absolutely any kitchen, no matter your target aesthetic.