Sep 4

Sofa Vs. Sectional: The Answers You’re Looking For


SectionalTo sectional or not to sectional? That is the question. A sectional is great, but so is a sofa. So what are the pros and cons of each? That, in fact, is the question we will address today.

Let’s face it, purchasing a sofa or a sectional is a large investment. Even if you originally bought it for a quick fix, you’ll find it lingers with you as it gets demoted from living room to seldom-used bonus room to basement to finally, garage sale. So you want to make sure you buy a sofa or sectional that will last.

Your sofa or sectional should feel solid and heavy. A light frame means it’s cheap and not worth your money. Designer Fred Albert recommends looking for a frame made from a kiln-dried hardwood like oak, alder, birch, or maple. Eight-way, hand-tied springs or S-shaped springs are the way to go for ultimate comfort, refinery, and durability.

Now that we’ve gotten the quality qualifications out of the way, let’s talk about the benefits of sofas and sectionals.


The great thing about a sofa is that you can move it from room to room per your desire, unlike a sectional that will only fit in one room of the house. Sofas are more timeless than sectionals and come in a much wider variety of styles.

You should use two sofas instead of an L-shaped, non-rounded sectional in a square space, like a corner of the room. Nobody will want to sit on the sectional’s one-cushioned square corner. Instead use two sofas and put an end table or a floor lamp in the corner for maximum style.


The special secret about sectionals is that you don’t have to have a large room to make them work. In fact, they are often recommended for space-deficient city apartments. Sectionals relieve you from the clutter that a loveseat and sofa or a sofa and two chairs would make in a small space. While a sofa and chairs can add chaos to the eye in a 400-square-foot Manhattan apartment, a sectional gives your space the clean lines it needs.

Do you consider yourself a hosting kind of family or do you prefer quiet evenings of reading books? The number of guests you want in your home on a regular basis should be factored into your sectional purchase. Large sectionals are excellent for bigger crowds, especially if you want to host Super Bowl parties or Lord of the Rings viewing marathons where everyone is focused on the TV while wanting to be comfortable on a giant, squishy couch.

Buying the right, high-quality sectional or sofa is intimidating! But, you are in luck as we sell pristine, stylish furniture you’ll love in your space. With these tips, you can make the excellent, informed decision on purchasing a sofa vs. sectional.