Sep 1

Space Saving (and Design-Conscious) Tips for Your Closet


shoe storage closetHave a small closet space when you’ve always dreamed of having a room-sized walk-in closet? With the right design and organization techniques, just about any closet space can be customized to suit your wants and needs. Here are some space saving solutions that will add efficiency to your closet space—without compromising style or design.

Swap in no-slip hangers

No-slip velvet hangers happen to be incredibly thin, making them perfect for creating more space to hang things in your closet. They also look great in any well-designed closet. Try swapping out old plastic or wire hangers for velvet ones, and you’ll be impressed by the difference they make.

Organize by length

On the subject of hangers, be sure to organize your hanging clothing items by length, keeping longer dresses, sweaters, and tunics to one side of the closet and letting shorter shirts fill the rest of the hanging space. This will leave you with more “underneath” space to use for other purposes.

Use a variety of organization tools

Keep in mind all of the organization tools you have at your disposal, and use them accordingly in your own closet space. For hanging clothing and accessories, for example, you have not only hangers at your disposal, but also wall-installed hooks, and hooks installed along a wall-mounted rod. For your drawers, you can invest in drawer organizers that create division. For unused wall space, you might consider installing drawers or open shelving, even adding wire baskets or linen boxes to that shelving. Shoes can be stored on open shelving, hung from a wall-mounted rod (in the case of heels), or stored on a specialized rack that was made for shoe storage.

Use the back of the door

Of course there are a variety of ways you can use the back of your door for storage. Some install a hanging shoe rack or jewelry organizer, but you might find that a simple mirror, or a hook for tomorrow’s outfit, is better suited for your closet.

Think vertically

When working with a small space, it’s important to think vertically in order to get as much use out of the space as possible. If your closet features a single clothing rod, only for the space underneath your shirts to go unused, for example, consider installing a second clothing rod underneath. Alternatively, if your closet doesn’t afford quite that much space for additional hanging, consider installing efficiently designed shelving for shoes or accessories in that space below. In addition, you might consider installing shelving above your clothing rod (or adding more shelving to what is already there) to get as much use out of that space as possible.

Store out-of-season clothing elsewhere

Why crowd up your closet when you have other open storage spaces around the home? Consider storing out-of-season clothing that you know you won’t be needing for a while elsewhere, such as under your bed or in a spare drawer under your dresser. Airtight garment boxes and vacuum-sealed garment bags make it ultra-convenient to slide unused sweaters and socks into an unused storage space. Cotton or linen bags are another great option; plus, they will keep your clothing from getting devoured by pests.