Jul 1

Subtle Home Decor for Summer


blue white linen fabricSome homes tend to evoke more of a fall or winter feel than they do a spring or summer feel. If this describes your home, there is still a great deal that you can do to prepare and decorate your home for the warmer summer months. Here are some subtle ways that you can brighten up and decorate your home for summer.

White Linens

White linens—from bed sheets and towels to placemats and napkins—are perfect for summer because they communicate brightness, amplify the natural light that is already flowing into the home, are easy to clean, and happen to coordinate well with summer-season clothing. You should also opt for lighter weight linens that will give your home a more airy feel.

Summer Colors

If your goal in home decor is subtlety, you can still incorporate some soft summer colors without making too bold of a statement. Try opting for one summer color and making it a motif in the home, such as soft blue, sea foam green, golden yellow, and sandy beige.

Summer Window Treatments

Consider taking down some or all of the heavy curtains in your home to let in more natural sunlight, replacing them with lighter, sheerer fabrics if desired.

Summer Rug

Rugs tend to warm up a space and give it a more cozy feel, so temporarily removing a rug during the summer months might be the best way to give your home a lighter feel. But if an area rug is what completes a certain living space in your home, opt for a rug with lighter colors and a lighter fabric.

In-Season Florals

Do you know which flowers are in season near you? Picking up some in-season blooms and displaying them in a simple vase is a great way to add a subtle touch of summer to your home. Flowers that are generally in season during the summer months include Calla lilies, dahlias, lilac, irises, and chrysanthemums. Potted plants placed strategically around the home can add the perfect natural aesthetic to your space as well.

In-Season Produce

Go for aesthetics and practicality by investing in in-season produce and displaying it in your kitchen and dining room during the summer months. Summer produce that is generally counter-safe includes apricots, grapefruit, key limes, nectarines, peaches, and plums.

Outdoor Accessories Indoors

Think of small outdoor decor pieces that you would usually reserve for an outdoor patio and bring them indoors, highlighting the indoors-meets-outdoors dynamic that so often surfaces during the summer. For instance, try placing an outdoor lantern or candle at the center of your dining table.