Subtle Touches of Spring for the Dining Room

spring dining tableA hallmark of a truly contemporary home with a Scandinavian aesthetic is subtle home decor. It can be festive, yes, but nothing too loud or overbearing that would distract from the calm, clean feel of the home. With spring here, you may be wondering how to introduce elements of spring into your home without going over the top. Here are five great ways to add a touch of spring to your dining room—for all of the spring soirées soon to be held.

A Vase of Fresh Flowers

This classic decor option allows you to bring an element of the outdoors into your home while customizing to achieve exactly the look that you want. For a more subtle dining room table centerpiece that still speaks of spring, consider opting for darker-hued flowers, or for a single type of flower paired with a lot of green, leafy accents. Great in-season blooms to consider for putting together a spring arrangement are peonies, ranunculus, tulips, and hyacinth.

Earth-Toned Table Linens

Cloth napkins are an especially great way to quickly change the look of a table setting without spending a great deal of money. There are, of course, countless designs and prints of spring dinner napkins available to choose from, but for something more subtle and versatile for your dining room, go for something more neutral such as solid earth-toned napkins. Rich forest green and rust are two hues that are especially popular at the moment, and they lend themselves to creating a natural aesthetic for your dining space.

Handpainted Bowls and Plates

Handpainted dinnerware can be intricate and extremely detailed in design, but it can also be beautifully simple, with perhaps a floral design on one corner of a plate, or a small, handpainted rabbit on the inside bottom surface of a bowl.

Colored Hobstar Glassware

Etched, pastel-colored glassware is especially on-trend this year. This glassware can definitely have a vintage look, which may not suit the look you are going for, but careful selection of etched glassware with geometric designs in more neutral tones like clear and green can bring about a modern look reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass.

Spring Produce

As in minimalist tradition, it’s a great idea to decorate a space with things that you are frequently using, rather than with extra pieces that don’t really serve a purpose. Spring produce is one such way to decorate with something that you are guaranteed to use as the weeks pass by. Consider placing a basket of in-season produce in the center of your dining room table. Examples of room temperature-safe, in-season varieties of produce are apricots, honeydew melon, lemons, and grapefruit.