The Many Benefits of Bamboo Furniture

bamboo furnitureBamboo furniture might sound like a type of furniture that is better suited for homes of a particular Asian style, but you’d be surprised to see just how frequently bamboo is being used in today’s modern furniture. Chances are you can even find bamboo furniture pieces that suit your own home perfectly. Want to know about the many benefits that bamboo furniture can bring into your home? Here is a look at just a few of them.


Not all bamboo furniture looks as though it is made from bamboo. In fact, the surfaces of bamboo furniture can often be made to mimic other types of wood. This is because bamboo features a fine grain composition, meaning it can be molded into many different shapes. Because of this immense versatility, you’ll find it in chairs, tables, desks, beds, and even in fencing and flooring. Bamboo furniture can be made to suit a natural setting or even the most modern themed setting.


Bamboo is known for its strength and durability, and you can often treat it just look you would any high-end piece of hardwood furniture. Bamboo is especially resistant to scratching and swelling, and it can even be used outdoors as long as it isn’t exposed to too much moisture. The immense durability of bamboo furniture means that it will last you for years to come—as long as you care for it properly.

Easy to care for

You might be wondering how to properly care for bamboo furniture, especially since it isn’t technically wood. Bamboo furniture is very easy to maintain, as you can typically clean it with just a clean cloth, a mild soap, and some water.


Considering bamboo’s strength, you might be surprised to find just how lightweight it is. Yet bamboo furniture is typically much lighter than similar pieces of furniture made from metal or hardwood.


Bamboo is a highly renewable resource, as it takes only a few years to re-grow bamboo that has been cut. Bamboo furniture, then, is much more sustainable than similar looking furniture pieces that are made from pure wood.

Exotic aesthetic

Of course, bamboo furniture pieces that have that distinctive tubular bamboo look can also recall an exotic aesthetic. This makes several bamboo furniture pieces perfect for homes that feature a distinctive Asian influence.