Tips for Creating the Perfect Reading Nook

reading nook in homeWhether you have a small closet, a space under the stairs, a corner of a room, or an entire room to work with, you can create the ultimate reading nook in just about any home. Here are some tips for creating the perfect reading nook in your home.

Find the perfect space.

A reading nook should be a peaceful place for rest and relaxation in your home. Consider what puts you at peace, and position your reading nook accordingly. Do you enjoy warming up by the fire with a favorite drink and a blanket? You might reserve a corner of your living room near the fireplace. Do you love staying indoors on a rainy day, listening to the sound of rain on your roof? You might select a space on the top floor of your home for your reading nook. Or do you enjoy basking in the sunlight as you read? You might consider, then, setting up a space under an awning outdoors, or choosing an indoor area next to a large window that gets lots of sunlight.

Include the essentials.

There are a few key essentials that just about every great reading nook has:

Comfortable seating

Comfortable seating is at the center of any great reading nook, and the seating you opt for highly depends on the space that your reading nook will occupy. If you have only the space under the stairs or in a closet to work with, for example, you might work a daybed into the space—sized precisely to fit between two walls or in a corner. If you are creating a reading nook out of a sunlit corner of a room, on the other hand, you might simply go with a chair and ottoman or recliner.

A flat surface

Next, you’ll need a flat surface for setting down books, glasses, drinks, etc. If you’re building your reading nook around a chair and ottoman, this is easily done with the addition of an end table. If you are working within a distinct space such as the space under the stairs, this is often done with built in shelves surrounding the daybed.


Ambient lighting can work just fine for reading, but you’ll likely find that you want accent lighting or task lighting in your reading nook instead. Consider adding a table lamp or floor lamp for the perfect lighting.

Book storage

Including nearby shelving is a great idea for setting your space apart visually as a reading nook. Even if you don’t have room for a bookshelf or built-in shelving on your walls, you can incorporate a storage ottoman in your space for storing the bulk of your reading materials.

Don’t forget details.

The small details are what will truly set your reading nook apart. Don’t forget to include small details that will complete your space, such as cushy accent pillows, cozy blankets, firewood, bookmarks, coasters, and a small plant or two. Your space should be left uncluttered, but it should also offer you the things you need as you’re reading.