Oct 20

Transforming Your Space with Throw Pillows


Throw PillowsIf you’re looking to give one of the rooms in your home a facelift, stop before you buy entirely new furniture or slab a new color of paint on the wall. Throw pillows are a much more cost-effective and easy way to transform the ambiance of your room than those back-breaking, expensive changes.

There’s no better way to express your ever-changing moods and multiple personalities than throw pillows—you can change them up with the seasons or with the current trends. Throw pillows create the perfect accent mark to any room and can change your drab brown microfiber couch into a modern lounge or your old armchair into a vintage masterpiece.

Here are the three key factors to consider when purchasing throw pillows.


For most rooms, it’s beneficial to have your throw pillows in the same color as the other accents in your room. Do you have hunter green candles displayed on your fireplace mantle? Consider using the same color for your throw pillows with a little pattern mixed in. If you want to go bold, try incorporating bright colors into your throw pillows, particularly the warmer colors. Yellows, reds, oranges, and pinks can add the vitality that your room currently lacks. We offer some spunky, brightly colored pillows in the rainbow spectrum.


You need to keep color in mind, but don’t forget design. Since throw pillows are the accent pieces in your room, have a little fun with the pattern. Do you love houndstooth, but would never think of using it in a throw pillow? We have modern, enlarged houndstooth pillows that would definitely suit your fancy. Striped pillows are a great accent to keep your home traditional with a modern and chic twist, and we sure have those. If you are living with a spouse, try bringing in both masculine and feminine qualities into the room. You don’t want your husband to feel like he’s living in a girl’s dream land, so try incorporating some dark, harder patterns with the soft, flowery pillows you’re initially drawn to.


Less is more with everything under the realm of fashion, and throw pillows are no exception. You don’t want your guests to feel suffocated by the endless array of pillows on your couch. Trust us, they’ll all eventually end up on the floor. When using throw pillows, get a few that you adore and make sure they are fluffed up as much as possible for ample comfort when you decide to use them as a headrest during movie night.