Sep 18

Updating Your Space with the Right Entertainment Unit


Entertainment UnitAn entertainment unit can make or break your room. That’s the simple truth. You may be biting your nails searching on the web trying to find the right one, adding a few to online checkouts and then nervously taking them off again because you’re just not sure. Before you go any further, consider these factors so that you’ll end up purchasing the entertainment unit you want AND need.


Step number one is to measure your TV, then proceed. You need to know how big the dimensions of the unit need to be. Think about your electronic gadgets that accompany your TV. Where will your DVD player, video game box, and CDs go? Think about the storage options when looking for size. There are base only TV consoles that provide limited storage space and then there are the hefty units with large bookshelves and drawers that cover the whole wall—much more of a statement furniture piece. Consider stairs and doorways as they will dictate the size of the unit. Make sure that you won’t have to take out a door or wall to get the entertainment unit into the desired room.


Design is also a very important factor to consider. If your house fits the country style, you don’t want your entertainment unit to be modern and minimalistic. Whether your home is modern, country, classic, or eclectic, get the entertainment unit that blends well.

Are you a technology hater or lover? Some people like all their gadgets open for guests to see, and some people like them to be hidden away. You may not want your large TV to be the first thing people see when they walk into the room or you may want your guests to be impressed by your 70-inch, brand new HD TV. There are entertainment units that offer cabinet covers. When closed, your entertainment unit can appear as a classy armoire.


You need to keep practicality in mind as you search for the perfect entertainment unit. Are there power outlets close to the space you want your entertainment unit to go? Do you have adequate seating space in the room for watching the TV? Measure all the walls in your room, including the ceiling, and make note of the outlets, windows, and doors. Keep in mind the architecture of the room when visualizing the entertainment unit there. You want this piece of furniture to last for a long time and show off your fancy equipment. Make sure it’s made out of solid, durable wood.

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